Reality Tv

I read and an article about why we have such an interest in reality tv. I chose the article”Publicized Intimacies on Reality Television: An Analysis of Voyeuristic Content and Its Contribution to the Appeal of Reality Programming” I chose this particular article because it gave a good explanation to why it is that we are so enticed by reality tv. The overall purpose of the article was explaining the reasons we get sucked into to watching shows like “The Jersey Shore” and others like it. The main Idea revolves mainly around the idea of our Voyeuristic tendencies. They do state that they don’t mean Voyurstic by the Phycological term “by becoming sexually aroused from the covert observation of others while they have sex, or are nude” it is used in the concept of “pleasure derived from access to private details”. The main reason we get so into this trashy shows is solely based on the fact it gives us the opportunity to legally look upon someones personal life as they live it.  It also allows seeing another side of life where people test and go beyond the social norms that most people are too scared or unable of doing themselves. Even though I’m sure all people in their 20s would love to go and party their asses off all day every day and have absolutely no other responsibilities, but sadly that’s not how life is set up. The normal 20-year-old has a part-time job and attends a college that’s the social norm that most all people have to live and shitty yet thrilling reality tv shows help us to escape our mundane lives.We also get more connected to the people on these shows because they aren’t celebrity living in mansions who drive Lambos and Bentleys they are normal people who were leading normal lives till they got a break and somehow found themselves reality stars overnight. Then on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are shows that depict the wealthy and how they live and though they might have unlimited money in their banks accounts their shows still depict them as people completely normal families they fight, laugh, pull pranks and through thick and thin they are there for one another.Though this research may not be important to bettering society it is still very interesting to know that there is a reason why reality shows  gain so much popularity. Their method for finding this data was from an email survey that was sent to 3437 participants in the US who had joined a website that allowed them to take surveys in exchange for money.Out of 3437 who received the invitation to participate in the survey, 550 respondents completed the survey. The result of the surveys allows them to come up with the conclusion that reality tv viewing was so high because of voyeuristic tendicies. I do agree with their hypothesis that we love these shows because of curious natures and want to know more. Unknown

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