The Article Disney Theories and Urban Legends talks about eight different movie theories, mostly older Disney movies but makes connections to more recent films as well. The audience for this article would range from 16 all the way up to about 25 maybe even 30 though younger generation more than likely have seen the movies discussed they didn’t grow up watching them like the kids and now adults that came before them. Kids younger than late-teenage years wouldn’t have as much of connection or love for these movies to be able to fully respect and understand these theories.

This article is fun and not very serious, the author took a bunch of long theories and condensed them into one article with links from the original creators of the theories for the readers to get the full version if they so, please. There were a few paragraphs that really tugged at the heartstrings especially the theory about toy story and how Jessie was actually once andy’s moms toy that somehow found her way back home, or how Boo spent her whole life searching for sully. If that didn’t almost bring you to tears you should go to the doctors because your heart might be missing. Like I said before we grew up watching these movies they are a big part of our lives. My brother used to watch toy story on repeat all day every day. It’s only human that we would feel a connection to these theories that we read because they bring us back to simpler times where only ony decision we had to make was what toys we were going to play with that day. The authors very enthusiastic and humor writing brought us back to that time even if it was for just five minutes it was still glorious.


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