Elaborate Dream or Afterlife ​

Saved by the bell was a very popular late 80s early 90s tv show about a boy named Zack Morris and his gang of friends including A.C. Slater, Screech Powers, Kelly Kapowski ,  and Jessie Spano but I’m sure you already knew this because seriously who hasn’t seen or at least heard of saved by the bell. What you probably don’t know about the show are the fan theories surrounding it. Some are flat out crazy about the Illuminati and satanic worship but I won’t make you suffer through them. I did happen to find two that are a lot less disturbing and actually make a bit of sense.

Is it all a dream? One theory states that the whole show is just an elaborate fantasy in the mind of a troubled youth zack morris. The creator of this theory believes that zacks real life was actually not as glamours as the one we see on tv and in reality, he is just a normal unpopular kid who has a tough time in school and he is being saved by the bell because after school he can go home back to his fantasy world he created in his head. where he is the most popular kid at Bayside. who is good at everything from sports to getting girls. He supports this theory by breaking down and analyzing the theme song. The creator states that the whole themes song is about mishaps that happen to a normal teenager like forgetting homework or missing the bus and how none of this has ever happened to Zack he is the master of excuses and for the most part gets himself out of any situation n he has ever been in. The repeating of the line saved by the bell means exactly what it says that the real zack morris the normal unpopular high school kid is saved from the real world when the bell rings and is able to rejoin his friends his the world in his head.


Is it all afterlife.?The second theory is that Zack was in some sort of accident that tragically killed him and as a result, he was only in 8th grade when he died according to his young adolecent mind being the coolest cat in town was his so called heaven. Season one of the show was actually called  “Good Morning Miss Bliss”, the show was based in Indiana.Without any mention of why the only zack, Lisa, and screech suddenly live and were born and raised in California.Possibly Zack considered California to be the greatest place in the world, so when he died he created Bayside High as his afterlife. The creator of this theory even found that in Indiana, he attended John F. Kennedy Junior High School named after a man who was taken abruptly at a young age similar to zack if the theory that he died and the show is based on his afterlife.Lastly, the creator found that  “Bayside also has a deeper meaning. “Bay” is defined as “a crown or wreath made especially of the leaves and branches of the laurel and given as a sign of honor or victory.” He is now on the other side of the crown”.

Could the writers of saved by the bell really had some deeper darker plan about the show they created for teens and young adult or where they simply just making a show about the luckiest kid in the world who fears nothing and get whatever he wants. The only one who can answer that question are the writers themselves. Till then its all up for interpretation



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