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Peer reviewed:


Reality Tv

I read and an article about why we have such an interest in reality tv. I chose the article”Publicized Intimacies on Reality Television: An Analysis of Voyeuristic Content and Its Contribution to the Appeal of Reality Programming” I chose this particular article because it gave a good explanation to why it is that we are so enticed by reality tv. The overall purpose of the article was explaining the reasons we get sucked into to watching shows like “The Jersey Shore” and others like it. The main Idea revolves mainly around the idea of our Voyeuristic tendencies. They do state that they don’t mean Voyurstic by the Phycological term “by becoming sexually aroused from the covert observation of others while they have sex, or are nude” it is used in the concept of “pleasure derived from access to private details”. The main reason we get so into this trashy shows is solely based on the fact it gives us the opportunity to legally look upon someones personal life as they live it.  It also allows seeing another side of life where people test and go beyond the social norms that most people are too scared or unable of doing themselves. Even though I’m sure all people in their 20s would love to go and party their asses off all day every day and have absolutely no other responsibilities, but sadly that’s not how life is set up. The normal 20-year-old has a part-time job and attends a college that’s the social norm that most all people have to live and shitty yet thrilling reality tv shows help us to escape our mundane lives.We also get more connected to the people on these shows because they aren’t celebrity living in mansions who drive Lambos and Bentleys they are normal people who were leading normal lives till they got a break and somehow found themselves reality stars overnight. Then on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are shows that depict the wealthy and how they live and though they might have unlimited money in their banks accounts their shows still depict them as people completely normal families they fight, laugh, pull pranks and through thick and thin they are there for one another.Though this research may not be important to bettering society it is still very interesting to know that there is a reason why reality shows  gain so much popularity. Their method for finding this data was from an email survey that was sent to 3437 participants in the US who had joined a website that allowed them to take surveys in exchange for money.Out of 3437 who received the invitation to participate in the survey, 550 respondents completed the survey. The result of the surveys allows them to come up with the conclusion that reality tv viewing was so high because of voyeuristic tendicies. I do agree with their hypothesis that we love these shows because of curious natures and want to know more. Unknown

The Article Disney Theories and Urban Legends talks about eight different movie theories, mostly older Disney movies but makes connections to more recent films as well. The audience for this article would range from 16 all the way up to about 25 maybe even 30 though younger generation more than likely have seen the movies discussed they didn’t grow up watching them like the kids and now adults that came before them. Kids younger than late-teenage years wouldn’t have as much of connection or love for these movies to be able to fully respect and understand these theories.

This article is fun and not very serious, the author took a bunch of long theories and condensed them into one article with links from the original creators of the theories for the readers to get the full version if they so, please. There were a few paragraphs that really tugged at the heartstrings especially the theory about toy story and how Jessie was actually once andy’s moms toy that somehow found her way back home, or how Boo spent her whole life searching for sully. If that didn’t almost bring you to tears you should go to the doctors because your heart might be missing. Like I said before we grew up watching these movies they are a big part of our lives. My brother used to watch toy story on repeat all day every day. It’s only human that we would feel a connection to these theories that we read because they bring us back to simpler times where only ony decision we had to make was what toys we were going to play with that day. The authors very enthusiastic and humor writing brought us back to that time even if it was for just five minutes it was still glorious.


Elaborate Dream or Afterlife ​

Saved by the bell was a very popular late 80s early 90s tv show about a boy named Zack Morris and his gang of friends including A.C. Slater, Screech Powers, Kelly Kapowski ,  and Jessie Spano but I’m sure you already knew this because seriously who hasn’t seen or at least heard of saved by the bell. What you probably don’t know about the show are the fan theories surrounding it. Some are flat out crazy about the Illuminati and satanic worship but I won’t make you suffer through them. I did happen to find two that are a lot less disturbing and actually make a bit of sense.

Is it all a dream? One theory states that the whole show is just an elaborate fantasy in the mind of a troubled youth zack morris. The creator of this theory believes that zacks real life was actually not as glamours as the one we see on tv and in reality, he is just a normal unpopular kid who has a tough time in school and he is being saved by the bell because after school he can go home back to his fantasy world he created in his head. where he is the most popular kid at Bayside. who is good at everything from sports to getting girls. He supports this theory by breaking down and analyzing the theme song. The creator states that the whole themes song is about mishaps that happen to a normal teenager like forgetting homework or missing the bus and how none of this has ever happened to Zack he is the master of excuses and for the most part gets himself out of any situation n he has ever been in. The repeating of the line saved by the bell means exactly what it says that the real zack morris the normal unpopular high school kid is saved from the real world when the bell rings and is able to rejoin his friends his the world in his head.


Is it all afterlife.?The second theory is that Zack was in some sort of accident that tragically killed him and as a result, he was only in 8th grade when he died according to his young adolecent mind being the coolest cat in town was his so called heaven. Season one of the show was actually called  “Good Morning Miss Bliss”, the show was based in Indiana.Without any mention of why the only zack, Lisa, and screech suddenly live and were born and raised in California.Possibly Zack considered California to be the greatest place in the world, so when he died he created Bayside High as his afterlife. The creator of this theory even found that in Indiana, he attended John F. Kennedy Junior High School named after a man who was taken abruptly at a young age similar to zack if the theory that he died and the show is based on his afterlife.Lastly, the creator found that  “Bayside also has a deeper meaning. “Bay” is defined as “a crown or wreath made especially of the leaves and branches of the laurel and given as a sign of honor or victory.” He is now on the other side of the crown”.

Could the writers of saved by the bell really had some deeper darker plan about the show they created for teens and young adult or where they simply just making a show about the luckiest kid in the world who fears nothing and get whatever he wants. The only one who can answer that question are the writers themselves. Till then its all up for interpretation



Review of Shane Dawson

I reviewed the Youtube video conspiracy theories in children shows created and narrated by Shane Dawson. It was a pretty good video, he showed theories for many shows and told the stories well. He started by giving a synopsis of the show as we know it in the public then went into the conspiracy. He also added a touch of humor which is always good because I get creeped out easy and I was watching the video in the middle of the night. He had great visuals including pictures and videos to back up his theory. My only complaint would be it was a little on the long side being a 15-minute video. Overall a great informative videoShane dawson



The topic I chose is conspiracy theories about Television shows.It is going to basically be a certain TV show and different theories surrounding that particular show.  It’s relevant to me and other people because it’s going to be about shows that I and others grew up watching.  I have already read many theories and they are very interesting to me and also a tad bit creepy. A lot of the time they make sense and could be very likely, or they are just ridiculous and I find extremely funny because of how out of the box they are. I plan to discuss an already existing theory that someone has made about a certain show and state my opinion of their theory. I’m not sure what I plan to learn but I do expect to have a lot of funny researching and writing these blog post.

Online R U Really Reading?

In my personal view, I thought Digital Literacy meant your ability to navigate around computers and different forms of technology. Traditional Literacy is the “ability to read and understand the written word”(IGI Global) while digital literacy is “the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicateinformation, requiring both cognitive and technical skills”(American Libary Association).  Some of the issues assocaited with reading according to the article”Online R U Really Reading?” are  “diminishing literacy, wrecking attention spans and destroying a precious common culture that exists only through the reading of books.” While I do agree with the invetion of the intrent has in many ways destroyed the culture of reading books, I don’t totally agree with the statment of the internet wrecking atteion spans the author doesnt back of that staemnt with much fact so I question it. If anything I believe the age of the internet has risen the attetion span just not in the way most parents and teachers hoped. While they wish the student spent hours reading and doing homework  but when it comes to video games and youtube they can spend an entire day doing that.  The biggest plus size with children using the intrent as often as we do is the more you do something the better you get at that. right?  The use to be able to use technology grows every single day. When it comes time for the younger generation to get jobs and become like real human begins they are going to be able to contribute to society because of the knowledge of technology. The major point that stuck out to me was the part where he talked about the us making up our own begging,middle and end. It stuck out not so much in the context of internet use, but they way we leave our lives in geneal we control every aspect of our lives with our free will and descion making from the day we are born to the day we die. Sure our parents help us or destroy us(depending on the set you get dealt) along our journey in life. That stament had no real connection to the point of the article but that is what I thought of when I read that line and it was unique and thrilling to think about. This article and the article” is google making us stupid” had some simlarties becuase they both did metion the use of the intrent dimisnhing our mind, but this article give both sides of the specttrum and I really liked that becuase it allowed us to take sides in the argument instead of forcing us to one perspective.

.tech readingbook reaing

Is Google​ making us stupid

Carr’s overall arguments are that yes google is making us stupid. He argues that Google is making it easier for us to do the everyday task but in return, the easy way out is making us stupid because we constantly rely on the internet to help us instead of learning or figuring out how to do things on our own. The invention of technology is amazing but at the same time is for sure making us slowly but surely less intelligent. We only have to learn basic spelling and reading now a says. With the invention of spell check, we are never worried about if something is spelled wrong, we just have to get it close enough then it fixes itself. If we don’t know how to pronounce a word we can google no more sounding it out. You don’t know the definition put down that big ass book of wors aka a dictionary just pull out your phone and Google it. I do agree all of these things are amazing and innovative and for some will allow them to reinvent the future with all this information at their fingertips but for the other more lazy side of people, it will just allow them to skate by in school never really learning anything and that will  be their downfall because there is no easy way out in the real world.

Like I said Google is amazing it has the answer to any and all question anyone could possibly think off and I mean everything.  You just type in a question or concern or any other weird think you can think of and in less then a second depending on your internet connection it right in front of you. The invetion of Google has forever changed the world. With every pro their are also some cons. Obvisoly I love the hell out of that beautiful search engine but I dont agree with my statment that is can hurt people by allowing them to so easily get information with out having do any work at all.

Without the inevtion of computer and cell phones we wouldnt even have Google. So a big shout out to Steve Jobs and and Bill Gates. I know they didnt invent the cell phone or computer but they are huge parts of how technology got to where it is today.  Without those two pioneers who know if smart phones would even be around I’m sure they would be but who knows.  Computer and smart phones allow us to connect with any one from anywhere in the entire world. That also means we can’t really ignore the weird side of the family any more becuase the excuse of “I didn’t get that text” or ” I never got a missed call” dosen’t work after about the 15th time. Besides that small downside technology is amazing and has come along way since the beging of its invetion and just keeps getting more and more impressive every single year.


Rigid Rules

Writers Block is when you are trying to do a paper or even in today’s society a text message, email maybe even a tweet but your head is blank. It is when you can’t think of a single word to string together to make a sentence. You just sit there staring at your computer, cell phone or paper for minutes to possibly hours till you finally think of something to say or just give up entirely. From what I gathered from the passage writer’s block to the Rose is when writers have so many rules that they follow that aren’t realistic or just don’t work in writing and end up screwing them over, in the end, forcing them to hand in rushed and late papers. The rigid rules that he talked about according to his students were you must have at least three topics, your essay should immediately catch the attention of your audience and lastly, you should make a very in-depth outline before you even start your first draft. I have trouble with all of those rules because I don’t follow rules when I write. I just twrite till I can’t think of anything else to say then go back and condense or try to approve on it where I think my paper needs it. If i get bored reading my own work then I make it more interesting  or try to add humor where I can . They are so ridgid because ever paper and teacher or professor  is diffrent sometimes you are going to have to adjust your way of thinking and writing to please who is grading your writing. When I have writers block I just walk away from it for a while because I know if I just sit there and try to force something out I’m just going to get mad and frustrated at myself.  To overcome these rules you should just be more relaxed prepare but don’t over prepare. Get feedback write a rough draft and have someone read it and give you ideas on how to improve, sometime an outside prespective is a great tool to write a great paper.

Schooled Literacy

Schooled Literacy to me is a students ability to read and write for their age group or grade level. I believe Evans has a similar view as myself .He seems to think schooled literacy is how students use what they read to prove in their writing and test that they are familiar with the text provided to them by teachers and professors. Good reading according to the article is reading that informs such as textbooks or History based novels, not books for the sole purpose to entertain. Good writing seems to be classfied as legthy most like a reserach paper. Formal writing with little or no grammer issues. “Good” reading and writing is considered “good” when it is revolved around school and learing. That is extremly problimatic because it become a chore. When we are told from such a young ask that the imagitve fairy tale books we read and love are garbage that is rotting are brain, it compeltly takes the joy of reading away. Similar with writing creative writing was never a think at any school I went to. The only time I wrote anything was when I had to do it for a paper or project. Writing quickly became categorized in my brain as school work it was never fun. I believe thats how it is for many students. Before school most children only experience with reading are little picture books are parents and guardians read to us. We wrote cute little cards to our mommys and daddys. It was a fun and care free activity. Then we grow up and the reading drifts from picture books to 300 page novels and textbooks that do nothing but bore the living shit out of everyone that comes in contact with them. The cute little scribbles turn to 5 page papers that are worth 20% of our grade. Pretty much what I’m trying to say is school sucks the fun out of activities that once were enjoyable to us as children and turn them into a big old bore fest that most students hate and dread. Reading and writing have never been a strong suit of mine. Mostly because I hate every second of doing each of them. I can read for about 30 seconds before I find my self totally lost and like groudhog day just keep reading the same sentence over and over again because I keep losing consitartion. I hate thinks that I’m not good at and writing is something I’ve never got the hang of. In school I was fine with getting 70s on papers it was passing and thats all I cared about during those years so I never put much effort in writing. I would wait till the very last minute on every paper I wrote, and writing became so stressfull to me that we have always just stayed enemies to this day. In my case it wasn’t  exactly schools fault for ruining my love of reading and writing it was never there to begin with. I always cared more about sports and that was my motivation to pass I never cared about getting As I just needed to get a good enough grade so I could participate in after school activites. I see the point Evans was trying to make and I’m sure it is more fact then fiction in most cases.